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December 30, 2012
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Irrom by Alpha-Element Irrom by Alpha-Element


hello again my fellow viewers!:) i return yet again with another world in my alpha element universe! and again, another water world, sorta. well, hopefully its the last water world in my universe.^^;

it is named irrom ('I' - 'rom'). the planet is larger than earth, but the water is surprisingly not deep. the depth is usually 100m on average with the deepest location being a large volcanic fault about 1.5km below the ocean surface. the water is hotter than earth's oceans and is on average 30 celsius. so the planet is always ravaged by huge violent storms. the planet isn't actually completely covered with water as there are a few small islands protruding out of the oceans in its shallow locations. the world has a very massive and diverse ecosystem due to the shallow waters.

the planet is home to a technologically advanced race known as the Vlatorans. its a little hard to describe them, but they are somewhat crustacean like. they evolved as one of the apex predators in the oceans and have a long life span of roughly 130 earth years on average. there are rumors that there are a few vlatorans who are older than 200 earth years! they do have biotechnology, but there biology is quite complex and so it is hard to integrate it into there bodies to further increase their lifespans. they can only slightly breath air but still require breathing apparatus around their gill like respiratory organs in order to respire properly. they have hard exoskeletons that grow as they do and they have large flat heads with four eyes. there build is more tall and thin and they have a long tail.
they live on the small islands in large tall cities which are feets engineering as there structures can withstand very heavy wind, rain and lightning. there cities are surrounded by huge mechanised barriers that controls the level of the water around the city and helps protect them from massive tides and waves. they are currently in the middle of a political war between their territories, similar to what we humans go through.

they named their planet after their god for violent seas and weather. they say he made the seas and sky violent whenever he was angered.
the planet has a small moon named vissia ('viss' - 'ee' - 'uh'). named after the daughter of irrom. it is a cratered world about 1/4 the size of our moon and orbits twice as close to irrom as ours to earth. it is the moon to the right of irrom in the image.
the other moon in the image to the left and behind irrom is tyrune ('tie' - 'roon'). it is a faulted world named after the son of irrom.

irrom orbits the binary stars Diavus ('dye' - 'vuss') and Wadara ('way' - 'dar' - 'uh'). they are both slighlty smaller than our sun and nearly the same size as one another. both orbit close to one another completing an orbit in about one week. they were named after irrom's mischievous siblings who constantly angered him. the entire system is named the Horaedis ('hor' - 'A' - 'diss') System. it was named after their god who created the three siblings. that name sound's familiar doesn't it?!;) you might remember it from here [link] .:D

there are 4 other planets in this system which you may see at a later date.

you can see a concept sketch of the vlatorans here.-------> and

comments, critiques and faves are always appreciated and welcome!:D hope you guys enjoyed your christmas and may we all have a wonderful new years!;)also, may we all prosper from it and may it lead us to new discoveries and hidden talents!:)


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:This Artwork is 2012 Alpha-Element.
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DominoPunkyHeart Aug 6, 2013  Professional Writer
Beautiful <3
Alpha-Element Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Drydareelin Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great texture!
Alpha-Element Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mechatherium Jan 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You paint excellent planets. Looking at them reminds me of the show "Cosmos" by Sagan. Thanks for the memory.
Alpha-Element Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
um, actually, i don't really paint the planets. they're generated in photoshop using textures that i manipulate for the desired result.
but thanks anyways and your welcome for the memories.:)
ApolloNui Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful. Reminds me of Kamino from Star Wars.
Alpha-Element Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks and it does seem alot like kamino when i compare the two.
JLindseyB Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
love the storms man
Alpha-Element Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks!:) i took storms from a cloud map image and worked them into the existing cloud layer.:)
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