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February 21, 2012
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Hydron Rev. by Alpha-Element Hydron Rev. by Alpha-Element



:bulletblue: you guys have to listen to this song: teardrop by massive attack [link] (<----prefered) or a remixed version [link] while watching the image. its perfect for it and sets the perfect atmosphere and mood for the piece!:bulletblue:

you voted and it won, and here it is, Hydron Revamed!!!:la: its a super improvement from the first two versions!:)


:bulletblue: constellation: Aquarius
:bulletblue: distance from earth: 120 ly
:bulletblue: star name: Hydron-A
:bulletblue: star type: F- type/ blue-white star
:bulletblue: system name: Hydrous

:bulletblue: planet name: Hydron
:bulletblue: planetary class: super earth
:bulletblue: planetary sub-class: ocean world
:bulletblue: planet size: 1.6 earths
:bulletblue: planet mass: 1.5 earth masses
:bulletblue: surface gravity: 1.3 earth gravity
:bulletblue: rotation period: 27 earth hours
:bulletblue: axial tilt: 10°
:bulletblue: atm. comp.: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapour, other elements
:bulletblue: atm. density: slightly denser than normal
:bulletblue: average surface temp: 25°C
:bulletblue: satellites: 3

:bulletblue: orbital eccentricity: near circular
:bulletblue: orbital direction: prograde
:bulletblue: orbital distance: 1.7 au
:bulletblue: year: 2.3 earth years
:bulletblue: place in system: habitable zone

:bulletblue: special features about the planet:

- has ridiculously deep oceans that are 30km deep!
- the pressure at the bottom of the oceans are so great that water gets compressed into a special kind of super dense ice called Ice XV.
- the planet is home to many species. they live in the upper layers of the ocean and don't go lower than 10km max! most feed on phytoplanktin or are herbivores, with very few being carnivorous.

:bulletblue: moons:

- Siren: Siren is the closest moon and second largest moon of Hydron. it is seen as the largest moon in the image to the bottom right of Hydron and is a world the size of Earth's moon. it has an orbit that is quite eccentric for a large moon. this is because during formation, it was impacted by a large object that sent it into its eccentric orbit. this orbit brings the moon noticably close and far from the planet. it also orbits the planet very quickly, in just 12 hydron days! as the moon approaches Hydron, its close proximety to the planet causes Hydron's atmosphere to rush towards the point under the moon at speeds of 100kmh and this creates a whistling noise in the planet's atmosphere, giving rise to the moon's name. the moon also has water clouds in its atmosphere, but it is lifeless. Siren is tidally locked to Hydron and in synchronous orbit with the moon Aegaeon, completing 5 orbits in the time it takes Aegaeon to complete 2.

- Aegaeon: Aegaeon is the largest moon of Hydron and the second furthest from the planet. it is seen as the moon to the left of Hydron and is a barren world 1 and 1/4 times the size of Earth's moon. it orbits the planet every 30 Hydron days in a farely circular orbit. it is not tidally locked to Hydron though, and rotates 3 times in the time it takes the moon to complete 2 orbits around the planet, meaning 1 day on the moon lasts 20 hydron days. whenever Aegaeon and Siren synchronise in orbit, their combined gravity creates massive tides 300m high in Hydron's oceans and they generate violent storms and winds in the planet's atmosphere under the moons. this gives rise to the moon's name.

- Ladon: Ladon is the furthest and smallest moon of Hydron. it is seen as the moon to the right of the planet and is a cold lifeless world 1/2 the size of Earth's moon. it does not lake part in any synchronous orbit with the inner moons, completes an orbit every 45 Hydron days and is not tidally locked to Hydron. it rotates 5 times in every orbit, meaning 1 day on the moon lasts 9 Hydron days. the moon has saved Hydron from many asteroid impacts in the past, giving rise to its name.


this is the water planet in my elemental planet series. its a very calm and beautiful world that can rival Boralis from the Ascaena System [link] ! ;)

i really love how this came out!:love: and i really enjoyed making it!:)



- the nebula isn't as bright and dynamic as in the previous version. its light, faint and wispy.
- there isn't the friggin over- stuffed amount of huge stars as in the previous version!:faint: they are very little in numbers, organised and dispersed throughout the image to give a more realistic feeling!:)
- the night side of the planet isn't completely black as in the previous version! there is some colour and detail to it!
- there are moons!:la:


also, new techiques were used:

- i added a contrast layer to the image to give it more "pop". and it really helps out alot! many thanks to DeathCl0ck:icondeathcl0ck: for telling me how to use it!;)
- i also added artistic text! expect to see it in all of my new pieces and i'll be adding it to my previous pieces. it will have the name of the piece, my deviantart profile name and my real name!:) please do not refer to me by my real name, use the name Alpha, its the name of my persona... WHO I STILL HAVEN'T DRAWN YET! (god i'm lazy!):pissed:
- moons are more accurate and proportioned in size and placement.:)
- overall, the image looks much more realistic than my other pieces!:)


on another note, its time to play a game! yes a game.
i call it I Spy with My Little Eye, a Star named Sol/ Sun! yes the sun.
-somewhere in the image is a yellowish star, sorta to scale and its our sun! the first person to find and identify its location gets a llama badge if i didn't already give you one, and 1 deviantpoint! oh come on, its better than no points! right!?^^; anyways, find it first and you win!:D
and in return, i would really like to get some feedback on the image please!?:)

update: someone already found the sun.


so i hope you guys like the improvent and there will be more planets revamped soon, so go vote for your favourite!;) comments and critiques are always welcome!:D


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:THIS WORK IS COPYRIGHT ALPHA-ELEMENT
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The overall scene is very beautiful. I like the calmness of space around it. The background dose not overpower the planet nor the planet the background you've got good balance and harmony ,especially with the scale and position of the moons, it gives it a sence of floating. Very 3D, great job on that.

The only problem I see is that the clouds on the dark side of Hydron look too bright, it gives it to much of a flatness to that side. They dont really float above the surface like they do on the bright side of the planet.

But dont take this negatively you've got the cloud/atmosphere/lighting down.
(My personal favorite is the color an concentration of the atmosphere.)

But that's the only thing that I see that could use improvement. Other then that you do a much better job on the rendering of your planets then allot of people i see on DA including myself and your backgrounds just astound me.

Love your work and keep it up.
Looking forward to your next piece.
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Mizth Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! :wave: I have featured this great work in my journal here! : [link] :):)
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thank you for the feature!:)
TheFantasticJess Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Is this a real planet?
Alpha-Element Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no, its part of my elemental planet series, its made up. but it is based on real facts and stats,though. there are water worlds out there in space, for all we know, there might actually be a planet like this out there.
TheFantasticJess Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Student General Artist
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Hi! :) This one looks great! Favourite part is the atmosphere's soft glow. Very nice.
Alpha-Element Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you, glad you like it!;)
AnarchistFish Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
Really nice, especially the background. It has a nice velvety feel to it. How did you do the clouds on the planet?
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