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PX1-767 by The-Prototype92

this is my first critique on an artwork, so i'm sorry if i seem a little harsh in my ratings. the image is pretty good overall for a be...





Kepler-442b by Alpha-Element
:iconreadplz::iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:Thank You For Faving by Gerguter:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:


:bulletred:i recommend downloading to see all detail. also, large file size, sorry if it takes long.:bulletred:


yay for more earth like planet artwork!:la: finally found some time to make more art.:) you may or may not have heard about the recent kepler planets and how they are habitable and similar in size to earth. this is one of them, kepler-442b. being slightly larger than earth and slightly colder, it is one of the most earth like planets discovered to date as of january 2015. i enjoyed making this one, but hated doing the atmosphere which took most of the time. other than that, i plan on redoing some of my older planets in this new style you are seing from me, like gliese-667cc and kepler-62e. i think it really gives a sense of realism to the planets and helps you guys better grasp what the planet may look like. and of coarse i will also be putting out new ones too!:D

you can find out more here:…

so please let your eyes enjoy and leave any comments, favs or critiques,  which are always welcome and appreciated!:D


:bulletblue:constellation: ................... Lyra
:bulletblue:distance from earth: .......... 1,120 ly
:bulletblue:star's name: ..................... Kepler-442
:bulletblue:star's type: ....................... K6V
:bulletblue:star's mass: ...................... 0.61 solar masses
:bulletblue:star's radius: ..................... 0.60 solar radii
:bulletblue:star's luminosity: .............. 0.117 solar luminosities
:bulletblue:star's temperature: ........... 4,402 Kelvin
:bulletblue:system's name: ................. Kepler-442
:bulletblue:# stars in system: .............. 1
:bulletblue:# planets in system: .......... 1
:bulletblue:system's age: ..................... 2.9 billion years

:bulletblue:planet's status: ................. confirmed
:bulletblue:planet's name: .................. Kepler-442b
:bulletblue:habitability class: .............. K - Warm Terran
:bulletblue:thermal class: .................... Psychro Planet
:bulletblue:earth similarity index: ....... 0.84

:bulletblue:planet's radius: ................ 1.34 earth radii
:bulletblue:planet's mass: .................. 2.52 earth masses, assuming a rocky composition.
:bulletblue:planet's density: ............... 1.047 earth densities = 5.774 g/cc, assuming a rocky composition.
:bulletblue:surface gravity: ................ 1.403 earth gravity, assuming a rocky composition.
:bulletblue:rotation period: ................ not likely to be tidally locked.
:bulletblue:atm. comp.: ...................... unknown, not likely to have a high concentration of hydrogen and helium.
:bulletblue:atm. pressure: .................. unknown, may be high due to planet's larger mass.
:bulletblue:average eq. temp: ............. 233 Kelvin = - 40 Celsius
:bulletblue:average surface temp: ....... unknown, may be above freezing if atmosphere is dense enough.
:bulletblue:# satellites: ....................... unknown

:bulletblue:orbital eccentricity: ............ 0.04
:bulletblue:orbital distance: ................. 0.409 au
:bulletblue:year: .................................. 112.3 earth days
:bulletblue:place in system: ................. near the center of the conservative habitable zone.


Kepler-442b is a near earth sized planet orbiting the K-type star, Kepler-442 roughly 1,120 light years from earth in the constellation Lyra. It was detected by the kepler space telescope which finds planets by measuring the dip in star light as a planet passes in front of its star as seen from earth and confirmed to exist in January of 2015. The planet orbits within the star's habitable zone which is the distance away from a star where liquid water could exist on a planet or moon's surface given the right conditions. To date is one of only a few earth-sized planets to potentially harbor life and is ranked as one of the most earth like planets to date with an earth similarity index (ESI) of 0.84.

The planet itself is only 1.34 earth radii and so is classified as a terran type world. This means that is is almost certainly a rocky planet with a composition similar to earth's. However, due to the system's great distance from earth, the planet's mass may not be able to be determined with current telescopic technology and so it can only be infered from our models of known exoplanets of similar sizes.

If the planet is indeed earth-like, it is likely to be a cold world with an average equilibrium temperature of 233 kelvin compared to earth's 255 kelvin. If the planet has a dense atmosphere or a lot of green house gases, it could be warmed to more temperate conditions. The planet is also likely to have a higher surface gravity than earth, due to it's larger size.
Because the planet orbits a star smaller than the sun, it is tingeg with an orange glow as most of the light comming from the sun would be closer the reds. This would affect photosynthesis on the planet causing many plants to appear darker in colour and brownish as they tried to absorb most of the light falling on them.

The planet may also have some large moons in orbit, which can increase it's habitability by creating tides in any oceans and warming them. However, because of the planet's proximity to the star, any moons may have their orbits destabilised by the gravity of the star or experience tidal deceleration due to planet possibly rotating slowely and crashing into the planet.

The planet is located near the tidal locking radius of its star and so there is a chance that it may be tidally locked to the star. However, due to the uncertainty in the formation of the planet and its young age, it is unlikely to be tidally locked. If the planet does indeed eperience a day-night cycle similar to earth's, it would increase it's habitability by evenly distributing heat across the planets surface.

At the moment, the planet is the only one known to exist in orbit around the star. However, it is very likely that there are other planets in the system in closer in and further out orbits, as small planets very rarely form alone.


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:This Artwork is ­­© 2015 Alpha-Element. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DO NOT USE THIS ARTWORK!
Commission - Tranquility System Schematic by Alpha-Element
Commission - Tranquility System Schematic
:iconreadplz::iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:Thank You For Faving by Gerguter


this is just a little something i did for a friend of mine over the week. i was bored and decided to give it a shot.

art request made by Haseo Yashimora :iconhaseoyashimora:

image based off of his solar system in the upcoming novel "NEX-GEN War".

hope you like it buddy!:D

system and planets © :iconhaseoyashimora:
artwork © me :iconalpha-element:

you are not permitted to use this artwork or its concept without permision from :iconhaseoyashimora: and only him!

thanks for the favs and comments in advance


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:This Artwork belongs to HaseoYashimora. DO NOT USE THIS ARTWORK WITHOUT THERE PERMISSION!
happy new years to all of my fellow followers and deviants!:D

I'm NOT dead yet!

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uhhhhhhhhh, its been more than a year since my last journal entry, and like a few months since my last major post. i really do apologize for the very long  hiatus in artwork as i have been very busy over the summer. but i did spend a lot of the time working on new artwork and especially stocks.
you should see the stock images soon and the artwork in maybe a week as i need to re-inspire myself to create more space art. not to worry though as i haven't lost my spark for space art yet, nor do i ever plan on losing it!;)
so again, i am very sorry for the long wait, but i do promise you that you will see some artwork soon.;)


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SO... im quiet natured, calm, barely talks (i talk mainly when i have something interesting to say):) and is constantly thinking of something. i love to cook, draw and make new art, i am also interested in architechure, biology, chemistry, SOME physics and genetics and in the future hopes to become a genetic and chenical engineer!:) i'm also a huge fan of space and space art!:D when i"m not doing anything in school im mainly thinking of my characters and new ones or my space art (but i mainly listen to music)
Also, and most importantly! my love for science has no boundaries!

Well that sorta sumerizes me and i hope i become a great deviant like all the others on da!:D

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Which Planetary System should I do a Schematic of next? 

9 deviants said Kepler-47 - 2 planets orbiting binary stars
6 deviants said Kepler-90 - 7 planets
3 deviants said Kepler-11 - 6 planets
3 deviants said Kepler-102 - 5 planets
2 deviants said Kepler-20 - 5 planets
1 deviant said Kepler-37 - 4 planets
1 deviant said Other (comment)


you are amazin
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